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vrijdag 7 oktober 2016

Indonesië: Gov`t to Cut Gas Price for Industries

Gov`t to Cut Gas Price for Industries

Industry Minister Airlangga Hartanto said that the Industry Ministry and the Coordinating Economic Ministry are discussing a new price of gas for industries. "The gas price is constantly changing, because it is based on oil prices," Airlangga said at his office in Jakarta on Thursday, September 22, 2016. Currently, the gas price for industries in Indonesia is set at US$9-US$14 per million British themal unit (mmbtu), which is higher than those set by other ASEAN countries. Airlangga said that the government has planned to lower the gas price. "The price will be set at below US$6 per mmbtu," he said.

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Indonesia Offers $420m Geothermal Projects in Sumatra and Maluku

Two geothermal working areas in Jambi and North Maluku, worth a total $420 million, will be offered by the government towards reaching renewable energy goals, a ministry representative said. The government has established 33 projects for investors after passing the geothermal law in 2014 which allows exploitation of forested areas to tap 29,000 megawatts of geothermal energy potential. The latest two projects are the 110-megawatt Graho Nyabu power plant in Jambi, which covers an area of 109,000 hectares and has an estimated reserve of 200 megawatts, and the 20-megawatt Gunung Hamiding power plant in North Maluku on 42,100 hectares, with an estimated reserve of 265 megawatts.

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Kadin Expects Export to Increase by 500 Percent

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) expressed its optimism that the country's exports would grow by 500 percent between 2025 to 2030 despites of lower export volume recorded in August 2016 compared to the previous year.Handito Joewono, Chairman of Kadin's Permanent Committee on Export Development said that Indonesia's total export value is estimated to reach US$150 billion by the end of 2016. Handito expected that the number will rise to US$750 billion within the next nine years. "A 500 percent increase in exports is not just mere statement, it can be achieved.

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East Nusa Tenggara markets own rice called Flobamora

East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province, which has been highly dependent on imported rice from other provinces, now produces their own rice called Flobamora. Flobamora is NTT's nickname and acronym for five of 21 regencies in the province: Flores, Lembata, Sumba, Timor, and Alor. NTT Governor Frans Lebu Raya launched the Flobamora rice on Wednesday (21/9) in East Manggarai regency on Flores Island. The province's Agriculture, Plantation and Husbandry Agency have named the rice Flobamora to reflect unity of all farmers in the province. "We have been buying rice from outside the province.

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Indonesia to be World`s Main Exporter of Roasted Coffee

The Ministry of Trade is optimistic about Indonesia's ability to become the primary exporter for roasted coffee beans in Asia, as well as in the global market, considering the country's current position as the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. "The developmental measures for the industry include the increasing of added value for coffee beans, and roasted coffee beans, by mastering roasting technologies," said Director of the Ministrys Agro Industry Panggah Susanto as quoted by Antara on Monday, October 3. He added that other measures also cover the improvement of human resources capacities, including barista, roaster, and cupper (flavour taster).

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Kadin: Policy Packages Confuse Business Owners

Benny Soetrisno, deputy chairman of trade at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), provided feedbacks for the government in relation to the implementation of 13 economic policy packages. Benny called on the government to immediately address issues with the implementations. "Issues with 12 packages must be addressed. More regulations might cause confusions among us [business owners].

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