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dinsdag 15 november 2016

Dutchlink AGM 2016


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  • Raising children in two languages by Hans Bogaardt and Elisabeth Duursma
  • AGM 2016
  • Following the Dutch (cycling) path by Fiona Campbell


  • Register for Dutch elections in March 2017


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  • 13 December - End of Year Drink
  • 5 February - Barefoot Bowling
  • 7 May - Tennis tournament             (14 May in case of bad weather)

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Raising your child in two languages by Hans Bogaardt and Elisabeth Duursma

Wednesday 16 November 2016

The benefits of speaking more than one language are well known. Bilingualism is good for children's brain development. Many parents will put in an effort to raise their children in two languages; however, some will find that despite their efforts, a child seems to develop preference for one language only.
Over a longer time the child might even lose the ability to speak one of the two languages, a phenomenon called 'language loss'.

Research suggests that many factors might play a role in the success of bilingual development, like learning both languages at an early age. But it seems also to make a difference whether a child learns two languages at the same time or one after the other. For example it might make a difference whether a child is born in Australia with Dutch parents or when a child is born in the Netherlands and migrates to Australia.

An international research group (University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong and Hanze University Groningen) are running a research project on bilingual development of Dutch children in Australia. During this Dutchlink event, Hans Bogaardt (University of Sydney) and Elisabeth Duursma (University of Wollongong) will discuss the benefits of bilingualism and the best strategies for raising a child bilingual.

Please visit our website to read more about the keynote speakers Hans and Elisabeth.

When: 16 November 2016, 6:30 - 9:30pm
Where: ING Direct || Level 3, 140 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
RSVP: Please send an e-mail to || Free entrance for members // Non-Member price $10.00 (cash only upon arrival)


Dutchlink AGM 2016

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members of the Company will be held on Thursday 3 December 2015
. The AGM will take place from 5-6 PM, right before our event 'Following the Dutch (cycling) path' (see below) at the same venue.

To register for the AGM, please send an email to If you cannot attend the meeting and you would like to vote, please ask for a proxyform by sending an email to

When: 30 November 2016, 5 -  6 PM
Venue: Hilton Sydney || Level 1, room 3 + 4 || 488 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
RSVP: Please send an e-mail to

For more information about the contents of the AGM, please visit our website.


Throwback Thursday

On Wednesday 12 October, we visited the Australian Design Centre for our evening about design and context. 

Michael Lugmayr of Design by Toko took us with him on his (virtual) design journey over the world: From Germany and the Netherlands to the USA and Australia. He showed us how everything has a context and we will now look at design with different eyes.

Thanks again, Michael. And a big thank you to the amazing Australian Design Centre for having us!


Throwback Thursday

State Visit edition

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited Sydney as part of their State Visit to Australia. Because of this visit, a concert was given at the Sydney Opera House by Arthur and Lucas Jussen and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. 

The Sydney Opera House turned orange for this special occasion. 

Photo by Elin Bandmann Photography


'Following the Dutch (cycling) path' by Fiona Campbell

Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Dutch are well known for their innovation, collaboration and for their love for cycling. Fiona Campbell is one of Australia's most respected and committed bike planners and she is widely recognised as a passionate champion for cycling.

At this event, Fiona will talk about how the Dutch are lighting the way for Sydney and Australia regarding cycling and how to create a cycling infrastructure that suits cyclists and other road users. Both from a personal and city perspective, it is a story of inspiration, gratitude and a journey only just begun.

About Fiona Campbell
Fiona joined the City of Sydney in 2008 and has been Manager of Cycling Strategy since 2010. The City has spent $99 million on rolling out its Cycling Strategy, including constructing 12.5km of separated cycleways and complementary social programs, resulting in a doubling of cycling trips over the last six years.

When: 30 November 2016, 6:30 -  9:30 PM
Venue: Hilton Sydney || Level 1, room 3 + 4 || 488 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
RSVP: Please send an e-mail to

After Fiona's presentation, we will go to the Marble Bar for drinks (at own expense).


Throwback Thursday

State Visit edition

During their State Visit to Australia, Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited Sydney and were treated to amazing Sydney spring weather.

Photo by Elin Bandmann Photography


Register for Dutch elections March 2017

Next year, on 15 March 2017, the Dutch will vote for their new Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal.

Dutch citizens, who live abroad, have the opportunity to vote as well. In order to do so, you can now register here and read more about how to vote in another country.

You can register until 1 February 2017 if you still have the Dutch nationality. 



On behalf of the Dutchlink board.

With kind regards,


Lia Hollemans


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