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vrijdag 30 december 2016

Indonesië: Indonesia`s wheat flour consumption expected to increase steadily

Indonesia`s wheat flour consumption expected to increase steadily

Indonesia's wheat flour consumption is expected to increase steadily with favorable growth of wheat-based culinary business, a businessman said. "The increased consumption of wheat flour is correlated to the increased number of cafes. In a cafe, usually customers would not order for rice but cakes that use wheat flour as its basic material," Marketing Manager of Interflour Indonesia, Dhanny Widjaja, said. Indonesian Wheat Flour Producers Association (Aptindo) expected the wheat flour demand in the country to grow by five to six percent with the national economic growth in 2015.

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Sesco Malaysia Supply Power to West Kalimantan

Malaysian power company Sarawak Electricity Supply Company Limited (Sesco) will begin supplying electricity to West Kalimantan in 2017. PT PLN West Kalimantan's Area, Distribution and Distribution Manager Ricky Cahya Andrian said Sesco will supply 230 megawatts MW. "Based on the partnership that was built in the beginning of 2016, Sesco Malaysia has been supplying 90 MW of electricity. Starting next year, the supply will be increased," he said in Pontianak Monday, November 7.

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Deep Rupiah Depreciation Unlikely, Thanks to Sound Economy: Bank Indonesia

The US Federal Reserve's decision to increase its benchmark interest rate is unlikely to cause a collapse in the value of the rupiah due to strong fundamentals, a senior executive at the central bank said on Thursday (15/12). The rupiah has strengthened by 3 percent against the dollar so far this year and traded at 13,367 on Thursday (15/12), according to Bank Indonesia's Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate. "We expect that the rupiah will not reach 14,000 against the dollar," Bank Indonesia executive director of economy and monetary policy Juda Agung told reporters. The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday (14/12)

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