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vrijdag 20 januari 2017

Indonesië: Indonesia Eases Export Ban on Nickel Ore, Bauxite

Indonesia Eases Export Ban on Nickel Ore, Bauxite

Indonesia introduced new rules on Thursday (12/1) that will allow exports of nickel ore and bauxite and concentrates of other minerals under certain conditions, in a sweeping policy shift from the key global supplier. The broad changes cover areas including permit extensions, which can now be applied for up to five years in advance of expiry, and rules on divestment. The changes also require nickel and bauxite miners to dedicate at least 30 percent of their smelter capacity to process low-grade ore, defined as below 1.7 percent nickel or below 42 percent aluminium.

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Exports predicted to be lower than target: Expert

Indonesia may see its non-oil and gas exports grow less than this year's target because of weak demand from several destination countries. The country's non-oil and gas exports are predicted to grow by only 3.2 percent this year, lower than the government's target of 5.6 percent, which would have brought their value up to $136.2 billion, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

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Private Investment Predicted to Support Economy in 2017

World Bank in its report predicted that the Indonesia's economic growth could reach 5.3 percent in 2017, mainly supported by an increase in the private investment sector. World Bank also predicted that the global economy would grow to 2.7 percent this year from 2.3 percent. The improvement in the global economy would be mainly driven by recoveries in developing countries, whose economic growths are expected to grow by 4.2 percent in 2017, increasing from 3.4 percent last year. The developed countries also showed a limited recovery by 1.8 percent, increasing from 1.6 percent last year.

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