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maandag 23 januari 2017

Vietnam: SBV aims to hold inflation under 4% in 2017

SBV aims to hold inflation under 4% in 2017
The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) will control inflation under 4 per cent and stabilise the macro economy to reach a GDP growth of 6.7 per cent, as well as ensure a safe operation for the banking system, a high ranking official of SBV said.
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Vietnam manufacturing starts 2017 firing on all cylinders
The economy is starting the year on a high note with the manufacturing sector showing signs of faster growth, says the GSO...
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Davos Forum 2017: "The New Plastics Economy Initiative"
The World Economic Forum warned that without prompt actions by 2050 our polluted oceans will have more plastic waste than fish. Currently, about 20% of plastic products are reusable and about 50% are recyclable at low cost. But without fundamental redesign and innovation, about 30% of plastic packaging will never be reused or recycled, which means about 10 billion plastic bags will be buried, thrown into the sea or discarded every year.
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Vietnam's Economy Is an Emerging Market Standout
While the world's largest emerging economies including Russia, Brazil and China falter, Vietnam's steady economic growth at near 7 percent this year will make it among the fastest-growing markets in the world. Rising domestic demand and booming foreign direct investment are helping the Southeast Asian nation counter global threats that's sparked a wave of stock selling and currency depreciation this year.
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Firms hopeful of strong 2017
At the same time, the country's rapid integration into the global economy is also providing significant opportunities for businesses, such as the participation in trade deals with the EU and the foundation of the ASEAN Economic Community.
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These are the most dynamic cities in the world – and they're not the ones you'd expect
At the other end are "high potential" cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City (No.2) and Hanoi (No. 8). These cities continue to attract capital from foreign investors betting on their transition from low-wage manufacturing to high-value activities. Fast-growing Nairobi (No. 10), which is experiencing a development boom, is on the watch list as a regional technology hub.
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2017's economic challenges in 5 charts
In 2016, the EU economy probably grew by 1.8%. Much higher than the average from 2008-2015 but still too weak to make much of a dent in unemployment. The EU expects little change this year. And with elections in France, Germany, the Netherlands and, possibly, Italy, there's a chance any political turbulence might set growth back again.
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FDI to Vietnam to increase, say officials
The agency's report revealed that up to 64% of FDI registered in the country in 2016 was pumped into manufacturing and processing while automobile and motorbike wholesale, retail and repair and real estate industries accounted for 8% and 7% of the nation's total FDI, respectively.
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