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woensdag 22 februari 2017

Dutch elections: The bigger picture



Dutchlink would like to invite you to:

Dutch elections: The bigger picture

Wednesday 8 March 2017


Elections often mean change. Recent results of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump indicate that people are looking for change.
On Wednesday 15 March, the Dutch get their say and will vote for the representatives in the Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal. Will they vote for change or will the Netherlands largely continue as before?

Join us for an evening where we look at these elections in a broader perspective with Robert Portier, Journalist and NOS Correspondent, and Michael Every, Economist and Head of Financial Markets Research Asia-Pacific at Rabobank.

Big changes could be afoot as Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom) is leading in the opinion polls. Some may argue that the recent results in the UK and US went against the opinion polls, others may argue even more people voted for the 'extreme right' than were willing to admit to the pollsters. Have the other parties managed to tune into the mood of the electorate and connect with voter concerns? What will be the consequences if Geert Wilders' party were to become the largest political party? And, what are the possible or likely combinations of parties forming a coalition government?

Beyond the Netherlands, how do the Dutch elections sit in a global context? What are the changes taking place globally at an economic level which any new government would need to deal with? And how do these elections sit in a European context with several other nations, including Germany and France, going to the polls soon. What is the future of the European Union now that it is under attack from within as well as from the UK and the US?

About Robert Portier
Robert is a Dutch journalist and Correspondent for Australia, New-Zealand and Oceania for several Dutch media (NOS, AD/Wegener and VRT).

About Michael Every
Michael is an economist and Head of Financial Markets Research Asia-Pacific. He analyses major developments and contributes to Rabobank's various economic research publications for internal and external clients and the media.

Format of the evening: A short presentation followed by Bert Bardoel hosting a Q&A with Robert Portier and Michael Every with the opportunity for the public to join in. 

Doors open from 6:15pm. Please be present by 6:45pm, the presentation starts at 7pm sharp. To RSVP, please send an e-mail to office@ dutchlink. com. au






Dutch elections: The bigger picture


Wednesday 8 March 2017


6:15pm - 9.30pm


Rabobank Sydney | The Forum (room) - Level 16

Darling Park Tower 3, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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Non-Member price $10.00 (cash only)

  • To register for the event, please send an email to office@ dutchlink. com .au
  • The presentation will be held in English.
  • Doors open from 6:15pm. Please be present by 6:45pm, the presentation starts at 7pm sharp.


Dutchlink would like to thank Harry de Bruijn, Robert Portier and Michael Every for their cooperation.