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donderdag 18 mei 2017

7 June || Raising children in two languages




Dutchlink would like to invite you to:

'Raising your child in two languages'

Wednesday 7 June 2017

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The benefits of speaking more than one language are well known. Bilingualism is good for children's brain development. Many parents will put in an effort to raise their children in two languages; however, some will find that despite their efforts, a child seems to develop preference for one language only. Over a longer time the child might even lose the ability to speak one of the two languages, a phenomenon called 'language loss'.

Research suggests that many factors might play a role in the success of bilingual development, like learning both languages at an early age. But it seems also to make a difference whether a child learns two languages at the same time or one after the other. For example it might make a difference whether a child is born in Australia with Dutch parents or when a child is born in the Netherlands and migrates to Australia.

An international research group (University of Sydney, the University of Wollongong and Hanze University Groningen) are running a research project on bilingual development of Dutch children in Australia. During this Dutchlink event Hans Bogaardt (University of Sydney) and Elisabeth Duursma (University of Wollongong) will discuss the benefits of bilingualism and the best strategies for raising a child bilingual.

Profile of Hans Bogaardt
Hans Bogaardt is a Speech Pathologist and Clinical Epidemiologist, who completed his undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology at the Leidse Hogeschool in Leiden, the Netherlands. After graduation Hans worked for several years in Germany and the Netherlands in different settings. Since 2013 Hans is lecturer in Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney, where he took the initiative to set up the AUSNED study: Tracking language development in Dutch children in Australia.

Profile of Elisabeth Duursma
Elisabeth Duursma is a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Literacy at UOW. She received her doctorate in Education from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Previously she worked at the University of Groningen and Leiden University, both in the Netherlands, as well as Reach Out and Read, a non-profit paediatric literacy program in Boston. Elisabeth's work has focused on young children's language and literacy development, in particular in the early years (birth-age 5)


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'Raising your child in two languages' by Hans Bogaardt & Elisabeth Duursma


Wednesday 7 June 2017


6:30pm - 8.30pm


ING Direct | Level 28, 60 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Dutchlink would like to thank David Breen, Guido Swinkels, Hans Bogaardt and Elisabeth Duursma for their cooperation.