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dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

Australië: Opportunities for Business Growth

Opportunities for Business Growth
You might be looking to create new products, find new business processes, or just be motivated to keep going. Whatever you decide, considering ways you can grow your business and adding them to your business plan, will help you towards your business goals and find new ways to achieve...
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Why should I attend a Networking event?
One of the ways to grow your business is to expand your professional network. You may also find it useful to attend networking events to help increase your business. By developing networks, you can keep up-to-date on industry and local information, promote your business through new contacts...
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Pros and cons of social media
With its low costs and large audiences, it's easy to get carried away with social media. It's wise to tread carefully and be aware of both the pros and cons before you start. Pros of social media When used effectively, social media can have all the benefits of word of mouth, just on a larger...
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Business topic: Taxation - understanding & registering for taxes; paying your taxes; record keeping and taxation
It's almost that time of the year again where accountants all over Australia are getting ready for 30 June. Taxation is a key aspect of starting and/or running your business. Understanding taxes and meeting taxation obligations is essential for any business. You can save money by paying the...
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What is an Elevator Pitch?
Elevator Pitch - a short, clear and to the point 30 second introduction of you and your company An Elevator Pitch gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your company in 30 seconds. Short, clear and to the point - a great first impression is important, especially if you run your...
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What is CRM?
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a tool for collecting and managing the information and interactions your business has with your customers, sales leads, suppliers or other businesses. It can help you with: tracking the success of your marketing activities identifying and...
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Dutch migrant success story
Super A-mart, Empire Office Furniture, BW Coles, Chevron and the Woolstore - well known names but did you know there is a Dutch migrant family behind them? The 'van Lieshout' clan is one of the Queensland's most successful business families. Dubbed the "kings and queens of furniture" they...
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'Early Encounters with Australian Shores' by Rupert Gerritsen
Early Encounters with Australian Shores is a collection of short stories written by the late Rupert Gerritsen. This booklet was published by Australia On The Map with the support of the Netherlands Embassy. The first copy was officially presented to Rupert's sister-in-law Patricia during a...
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Dutch diplomatic missions announce support for Dirk Hartog 2016 initiatives
The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Australia and the Consulate General in Sydney are proud to support a range of projects and activities that will take place in 2016 to highlight the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog's landing in Western Australia. On 25 October 1616, Dutch captain...
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NCCA member Michelle Taylor sets up new kids Holiday Program
NCCA members are an entrepreneurial bunch and NCCA member Michelle Taylor is no exception. Realising a gap in the market, after struggling herself to find holiday activities for her two children, Michelle set up Holiday Program. Michelle explains: "As a mother of two I am always...
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Vintalia 2015
Vintalia 2015 Organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ICCI) the VinItalia Food and Wine Festival is the highlight of the year for authentic Italian wine and food lovers everywhere! Open to the public by popular demand, the event offers tasting of fine Italian wines and delicious...
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We are looking for awesome people to work with...
There are new developments happening at the NCCA and we would like you to be part of it! Being a member of a business networking organisation such as the NCCA gives you the opportunity to not only network with likeminded people, but to promote your business or services. At the NCCA we want to...
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Co-working spaces are the trend, but do more colleagues mean more problems?
For many startups and new businesses, co-working spaces are a godsend. But sometimes, working elbow-to-elbow can have its downsides. Read more:
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Important information: DigiD for Dutch people living abroad
DigiD for Dutch people living abroad It is now possible for Dutch citizens living abroad to apply for a DigiD and receive the login code at the counter of a Dutch mission. In Australia that mission is the Consulate-General in Sydney. DigiD is a digital personal login code, combined with a...
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Three new Dirk Hartog Projects
New Dirk Hartog 2016 initiatives The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Australia and the Consulate General in Sydney proudly announce their support to three new Dirk Hartog 2016 projects to be initiated by the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre in Sydney, the National Library of...
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