dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

Verenigd Koninkrijk: Film Festival Thriller: Brimstone (03/11/2017)

Film Festival Thriller: Brimstone (03/11/2017)
Join us on Friday 3 November for the western thriller Brimstone with a Dutch flavour, directed by Dutch film director Martin Koolhoven (his first...
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Film Festival Comedy: Soof 2 (02/11/2017)
Dutch Centre in collaboration with NL Borrrel London invite you to the romantic comedy "Soof 2", where after Soof's marriage comes undone, she has to re-invent herself and...
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Film Festival Documentary: De Kinderen van Juf Kiet (02/11/2017)
Join us for the beautiful, heart-breaking and award winning documentary "De kinderen van Juf Kiet" (Eng: Miss Kiet's Children), about a class of refugee children...
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