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woensdag 11 juli 2018

Australië: Happy Birthday July 2018 - News Item

Happy Birthday July 2018 - News Item
John Battishall; Donald Cobcroft; Cecilia de Rooy; Anthony Dries;  Miriam Docters van Leeuwen; Elsje Franke; Els Heymans; Tony & Flora Fautoeboen;  Helena Hulsebosch; Roelie Kojic;  Steven Huygen; Tony Kuilder; Brendan Kop; Suzie Langendijk; Teun Zirkzee; Desmond de...
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Kitchen Corner July 2018 - News Item
The third week of June was a very busy one. Monday; shopping for Tuesday Tuesday; A Multicultural-Group booking for lunch Tuesday; Festival meeting Tuesday; board meeting Still Tuesday; Dutch Class (Including dinner) Yep still Tuesday; Lions meeting, also including dinner. So, there was some...
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Presidents Report July 2018 - News Item
The Choir. Our choir has been a vital part of the club for a very long time, first as the Rembrandt Male Choir and the last five years as The Great Western Male Choir.   It is with some sadness that I have to report to you that on Friday the 22 of June the decision was made, that due to...
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