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woensdag 8 augustus 2018

Australië: Klaverjas 2018 - 2 augustus 2018 - 12 november 2018

Klaverjas 2018 - 2 augustus 2018 - 12 november 2018
Sunday September 16, October 14 & November 11 Klaverjas competition. Coffee ready at 11am Shop open for visitors 11am – 2pm
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Garage sale - 2 augustus 2018 - 23 september 2018
Saturday September 22      9am – 2pm  Garage Sale   Donations of clean and undamaged goods acceptedNo TeeVees and electronics pleaseVolunteers wanted for this day    
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Gezellige dag - 2 augustus 2018 - 10 september 2018
Sunday September 9. 10am – 4pm Gezellige dag @ your club.    Musical entertainment and white Elephant stall.                    Bar and kitchen openFull menu. Pea Soup, Boerekool,...
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Presidents Report August 2018 - News Item
In this months' magazine and the September one you will find a loose leaflet for nominations to the board of directors. We have simplified the form somewhat to make it easier to fill in, as this is one of the most important tasks that you as a member of the club have to perform, making sure...
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Kitchen Corner August 2018 - News Item
The second part of this year is well on its way.Christmas in July was a great success. So was the midweek lunch.    Sadly, the Sri Lanka event is cancelled.On September 9 we have a relaxing...
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Notice board June 2018 - News Item
 Do you use Kitchen paper? You may now bring the empty rolls (in perfect condition) to the club. We collect them. Also tubes from material such as plastic table cloths and sewing material. Please hand them to a person in the kitchen.
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Happy Birthday August 2018 - News Item
Gonny Aspinall; Jason Bailey; Henry Bavel; Bernard Becker; Tonny Beemster; Ranie Beerens; Rosalie Brown; Ron Charles; Harke Cleveringa; Joop Stoové; Michael Eijkman; Annemarie Eyndhoven; Craig You; Angela den Dulk; Marlena Grunwald; Linda Hayward; Luke Heise; Edwin Haas; Shane Hamer; Glenda...
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Dutch classes 2018 - 2 augustus 2018 - 21 november 2018
Dutch Class August 21, September 18, October 16 & November 20, starting at 6.30pm                    Confirm your attendance with Mia the Friday beforeLeave a message @ the club or email:...
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