woensdag 5 september 2018

Australië: Notice board September 2018 - News Item

Notice board September 2018 - News Item
Thanks to all the members that have given their used bottles and cans to the club so we can return them for refund for our club. Since the Festival in March, with your help, the Club funds have grown by over $230.00 with what we save from the bar and your...
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Happy Birthday September 2018 - News Item
Darlene Apps; Milka Bekkers; Gesina Den Dulk; Rebecca Hook; Leigh Roeleven; Phyllis de Sylva; Peter Verwey; Mary-Anne Pellaers; Inge Schrőedter; Erika Barnes; Joyce Barkmeijer; Sandra Skarsky; Adriana van der Wal; Danielle Bruce; Victoria Theuma; Edith van As; Cheryl D'Abrera; David &...
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Notice board 2 September 2018 - News Item
   DUTCH OUTFITS  BOYS & GIRLS  MENS & LADIES Hiring Dutch Volendam outfits from the club. $50. Deposit $25. Refund when returning the outfit. Contact Gerda @ your club
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Kitchen Corner September 2018 - News Item
Winter is almost gone. Yippee!!!! It's time to put some seeds in the garden and watch it grow. My garden was 'dug up' by two chickens that I looked after. That was twice in one go; the first and the last time. Lol My husband said that I would be a good farmers'...
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Presidents Report September 2018 - News Item
As we all getting older it is worrying that the good old days from the 50- 60-and 70 will slowly be forgotten. It is therefore that the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre is gathering any paraphernalia that they can lay their hands on. To preserve the little Dutch history from the early migrants,...
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