woensdag 9 januari 2019

Australië: Happy Birthday January 2019 - News Item

Happy Birthday January 2019 - News Item
Luuk Aalbrechts; Deborah Bewert; Gerard Bakkers; Pablo Blanco; Ria Brown;  Albino Cortellazzi; Veronica Daley;  Nicole Duffy; Cornelia Geldhof;  Diana Holla;  Clara Kempers; Nellie Knight;  Ante Maganic;  Edna Manalo;  Willem Muller;  Greame Noske;  Bill...
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Notice board January 2019 - News Item
DID YOU KNOW that the Rembrandt Dutch Club can arrange a wake for members, family and friends? . Coffee/tea, sandwiches, party pies & sausage rolls, cake. . An estimate of number of persons attending is required. . Minimum catering 50 person. $10 per person. . Any extras (bitterballen, krokets...
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Presidents Report January 2019 - News Item
A happy New Year to all our members, their families and friends.May this year bring you all you wished for and may it be a healthy oneIt seems that the time is going faster all the time, but after getting a new watch for Christmas, last time I checked it was still 24 hours in a day.While some...
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Kitchen Corner January 2019 - News Item
First of all a very Healthy New Year to you all.We can say that the year has started as a 'warm' one. So, Warm wishes to you all. May 2019 be the best year yet. And not just May, but every month. Lol.               We...
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- 5 januari 2019 - 4 februari 2019
Sunday February 3 Open Day. For members and guests     Guest speaker Rudolf talking about Captain Cook at 1.30pmAlways better to reserve your seat Bar & Kitchen open at 11am
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