woensdag 9 oktober 2019

Australië: Presidents report October 2019 - News Item

Presidents report October 2019 - News Item
This month must be one of the most important months in the 42 years of the existence of our club. On Sunday the 27th of October we have our Annual General Meeting and it is than up to the majority of the members what the future of our club will look like.As it stands at the moment we have not been...
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Kitchen Corner October 2019 - News Item
The Garage Sale just gone was a great success. The volunteers worked hard and deserve a huge Thank You!For now we have one fundraising table inside the hall.  There are a lot of great bargains available.Leidens Ontzet promises to be a "gezellige dag"Herman will give his accordion a...
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Happy Birthday October 2019 - News Item
Marian Achten; Antonia Besters; Tony Lette; Tjitske Buddeke; Barbara Cain; Lucie de Vries;      George Galea; Michael Gillies; Hendrik Hahn; Ineka Hayes; William...
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