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Australië: Happy Birthday March 2019 - News Item

Happy Birthday March 2019 - News Item
Paulus Breedveld; Anna Beugeling; Wietske Bruisma; Gerard Daley; Nel de Bruyn; Nancy Farlow; Kees van der Voort; Jan Giles; Gil Kommer; Peter Mathyi; Theo Langenberg; Johanna Louwen; Gloria Short; Bep Maasland; Angela Maganic; Bernadine Mathyi; Frank Pellaers; Hedi Roggeveen; Marlene Turnbull; Anna...
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Ambassador Marion Derckx - News Item
Marion Derckx officially becomes Netherlands Ambassador to AustraliaOn Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove received the Letters of Credence from Marion Derckx, the new Netherlands Ambassador to...
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Kitchen Corner March 2019 - News Item
KITCHEN CORNER MARCH 2019                  The Captain Cook talk on Sunday Feb. 3 was enjoyed by everyone attending.I myself found it extremely interesting because it started the life story with James Cook's...
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Presidents Report March 2019 - News Item
Sydney has been hot the last few month, but after spending last week in Mount Isa to celebrate our daughters 50th birthday I have changed my mind. They have the airco on all the time day and night. It is always hot and if you're outside your never alone, there are millions of fly's with...
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