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Nederlandse Vereniging in de Verenigde Staten: Dutch Ski coming up (2)

Thanks for sending me enthusiastic emails that you are looking forward to coming this Saturday!
It should be a great day.  Yesterday I skied there until 6:30pm and we got by then circa 4" of good fresh new powder.
This week it will be cold so that they can blow some more new snow and then it is forecasted to be partially sunny and circa 34 degrees on Saturday.  
If you bring young kids I suggest you register them for the Explorer program for at least 2hrs.  More info here:
You need to call them in advance to reserve a place.
If you want to carpool then meet me at 9am at the park-and-ride in Conshohocken (next to the 476N ramp).
Let me know if you plan to be there. 
Otherwise let's plan to meet at 10:15 at the base of the mountain (not at the top!!!!), especially if I told you that I can get you a cheap ticket.
Look for me at the desk where they have the iPads (to the left where you walk in).
Later on (around 6pm) we will move the cars to the top of the mountain to eat and drink at the Slope-Side.
If you plan to stick around for dinner let me know as well and how many will be in your party.  Then I can try to reserve a table.  
It may be busy on Saturday since this Festival is taking place:
You may want to donate some money to them.
Did you know that 4th and 5th graders ski for free in PA.  Check this for more info:
This site has a fun video of the resort:
My cell is 610-937-2098 but my cell does not work in the valley so usually I switch it off.
If you need to get in touch with me call/text me before I get to the valley (i.e. before 10am on Saturday!)

The Netherlands America Association of the Delaware Valley
Philadelphia, PA 19111