woensdag 31 juli 2019

Australië: Events 2019 - 3 december 2018 - 31 december 2019

Events 2019 - 3 december 2018 - 31 december 2019
  August every Tuesday Shop open 10am – 4pm                                        August...
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Happy Birthday August 2019 - News Item
Jason Bailey; Henry Bavel; Bernard Becker; Tonny Beemster; Ranie Beerens; Rosalie Brown; Ron Charles; Joop Stoové; Annemarie Eyndhoven; Luke Heise; Marlena Grunwald; Edwin Haas; Shane Hamer; Glenda Hofland ; Fif Hugenholtz; Ewald Klinkenberg; George Knubben; Tony Wolf; Elizabeth Kommer; Henk...
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Kitchen Corner August 2019 - News Item
The first orders for this year's chocolate letters are already in. The letters should be in by end November.Order forms are on the kitchen counter.There are also the membership renewal forms and Sinterklaas party booking forms.And soon the nomination forms.There are very busy times coming up...
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Presidents report August 2019 - News Item
On finding a new premises, your board and the newly appointed relocation committee is working very hard to find a suitable solution, and up till today we have got a few options, but nothing concrete yet, everything takes time.On the brighter side our Rembrandt weekend and garage sale on the 20th...
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Annual General meeting 2019 - 31 juli 2019 - 28 oktober 2019
                                  Sunday 27 October...
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- 31 juli 2019 - 30 september 2019
Open day. One day only   Garage Sale        Saturday September 28  10am –...
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