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NIBC 2nd Webinar on ‘Strengthening the Seed Sector’ on 9th June 2021


NIBC 2nd Webinar on 'Strengthening the Seed Sector' on 9th June 2021
On 9th June this year, in partnership with the Agricultural Network of the Netherlands Embassy in Tehran, the Netherlands-Iran Business Council (NIBC) held its second online webinar on 'Strengthening the Seed Sector'. This webinar was supported and sponsored by the Iranian Embassy in The Hague and...

Iran National Strategy Report on Medicinal Herbs
The medicinal herbs in Iran are victims of their own success due to these international trends as well as local consumption growth. In Iran, like other countries with a rich history of traditional plant-based medicine, this has led to an inflow of new firms in an otherwise traditional and...

'De wederafbouw van de satire' door Arthur Umbgrove

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