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Huiswerk juni 01 VO 1/2

Huiswerk juni 01 VO 1/2
Huiswerk voor 01 juni: Finn en Anne, jullie hebben waarschijnlijk andere zaken aan jullie hoofd, Read more

Netherlands Society Christchurch NZ
What are the DON'TS of visiting the NETHERLANDS?youtube.comWhat should you absolutely NOT do in the Netherlands?Which things are a clear NO-GO in Dutch culture?Which topics should you AVOID?What are the DON'TS of the...

Neerlandia Dutch Club WA
The fourth Dutch lesson for the beginners course will be held on Friday 27 May at the Rhein Donau Club from 6 to 7 pm. Please be aware that the lesson is in Myaree again. From now we should be back at the normal rotation and alternating locations. The fourth Dutch lesson for the intermediate...

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